Welcome to Divyarakshaka Social and Charitable Society

Divyarakshaka Social and Charitable Society is a registered charitable institution with a vowed intention of giving all possible services to the poorest of the poor in the society. Described below in detail are the origin of the society, the objectives, the list of members in the managing committee, the different activities it has undertaken, the contribution it has made to the society, the awards won for its sincere service, the nature of its function, the assets of the society, the beneficiaries of its efforts, the addresses of the Banks with whom the society bank with and the aspirations of the society about the future.

"Our inmates are under the supervision and treatment of Sr. Dr. Magy Mathew  SH and
Dr. Xavier John Pulikkal."

The Origin of the Society
Tomy, a youngster who is in his early twenties with full of dynamism and courage set out for this new mission of sheltering wandering mental patients.
Contribution to the Society
Being engaged in different humanitarian activities, Divyarakshaka social and charitable society made significant contributions to the society.
The Origin of the Society
Contribution to the Society
The Beneficiaries of Our Humanitarian Endeavors
Life Plan
Program for Rehabilitation for the Future
Occupational Rehabilitaion Perojects
Life Adoption Through Eco Farming
Our Inmates
Awards Won by Divyarakshaka Social and Charitable Society
The Assets of the Societies
The Nature of Contributions and Donations.